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Best Restaurants in Colmar

Colmar – 10 Best Restaurants

Would you like to eat at Colmar’s best restaurants? Then the below list is just for you!

From restaurants you just can’t miss to those smaller places only locals know about, this list has it all!


What you need to know before you go

Colmar is definitely one of the prettiest towns in Alsace, if not France! You can see half-timbered houses on its cobbled back streets. Moreover, you have gorgeous painted houses in Petite Venise along the Lauch River. Therefore, don’t forget your camera! Furthermore, because it is small you can see most of the sites in Colmar in just one day. But, you might want to stay longer for the food! While it is only a small town, Colmar has many great restaurants.

Obviously, lots of friendly winstubs and brasseries will serve delicious Alsatian food and dishes like tarte flambee. This is because Alsace has a traditional cuisine that mixes French and German styles in hearty dishes.  However, there are also places serving fine cuisine to visit. Some are even in the Michelin guide! So, it can be difficult to know where to begin – especially if you’re only in town for the night.

Luckily, we’ve found the ten best places to eat in Colmar. Read on to make your visit as delicious as possible


What should you order in a restaurant in Colmar?

Similarly, as in Strasbourg, there are many typical Alsatian dishes to choose from while in Colmar.

That said, a few are truly unmissable. Firstly, you have to try ‘choucroute’, maybe at a classic Alsation ‘winstub’. This has sauerkraut cooked in fat as well as traditional sausages – delicious!

As for salty snacks, don’t miss ‘flammekueche’/‘tarte flambée’, a type of Alsatian pizza, or a fresh pretzel.

However, there are also treats for those with a sweet tooth! If this is you, make sure you get some of the sweet brioche ‘kugelhopf’ or some Alsatian gingerbread.

Colmar has plenty of great restaurants and this list will help you choose the best ones! Photo by Girardin

The List – Colmar 10 Best Restaurants

  1. Wistub Brenner
  2. Brasserie des Tanneurs
  3. Girardin
  4. Au Chasseur
  5. Le Bistrot des Copains
  6. Brasserie Historique
  7. Le Quai 21
  8. Bord’eau
  9. Aux Armes de Colmar
  10. La Maison Rouge

1. Wistub Brenner

BEST FOR: Excellent Alsatian food in the centre of Petite Venise


INFO: Winstubs serve delicious, traditional Alsatian dishes. In our opinion, this is the best Winstub in Colmar! Moreover, it even has an entry in the Michelin Guide. So, expect to find classic dishes like choucroute or pork knuckle on the menu here. Also, there is a great wine list featuring lots of bottles from Alsace. Finally, it has a great location and terrace in the heart of Petite Venise. Therefore, it’s perfect for lunch or dinner during a day’s sightseeing.

INSIDER INFO: Don’t miss trying Papi Lucien’s Onion Tart for a starter! Otherwise, you cannot go wrong with the delicious choucroute available here.

2. Brasserie des Tanneurs

BEST FOR: A traditional, reasonable restaurant with a warm atmosphere and hearty Alsatian dishes


INFO: Brasserie des Tanneurs is another friendly, authentic restaurant serving Alsatian classics. It is near the River Lauch in Petite Venise and has a large terrace. Inside, the decor is warm and traditional. You can find dishes like choucroute, spaetzle, or tarte flambee on the menu. Moreover, there are good wines and beers to go with your food. However, be aware that this restaurant can be busy at peak times!

INSIDER INFO: The tarte flambee here is great! Also, this is a good place to try Baeckeoffe. This is an Alsatian stew made from three types of meat and potatoes – perfect for a winter visit!

3. Girardin

BEST FOR: Michelin-starred fine dining in the center of Colmar


INFO: Girardin is the Michelin-starred restaurant at the five-star hotel Maison des Têtes. Outside, you’ll see an amazing seventeenth-century front to the building with lots of gargoyles. Indoors, the restaurant is minimalist but luxurious. Choose the set menu for seven delicious Alsatian dishes using the finest seasonal ingredients. Also, Girardin offers a great wine list.

INSIDER INFO: Le Girardin is only open from Tuesday to Saturday from 19:00 to 20:30. Additionally, it only offers one set menu.

4. Au Chasseur

BEST FOR: A well-priced, casual family meal in the heart of Colmar


INFO: Au Chasseur is only a stone’s throw from Colmar’s Little Venice. It offers hearty, delicious Alsatian food. Furthermore, it is cheap and has a kids’ menu and high chairs. Therefore, it is a great choice for a reasonable family meal!

INSIDER INFO: Au Chasseur is in the heart of Colmar’s Christmas market in December. Therefore, it is the perfect place to warm up during or after your Christmas shopping!

5. Le Bistrot des Copains

BEST FOR: A good mix of price and quality right next to Colmar’s cathedral


INFO: Le Bistrot des Copains serves a mix of traditional French and Alsatian dishes. Therefore, you will be able to try a delicious plate of choucroute or escargot! Also, they serve the local delicacy bibalaskas. This is a tasty dish made of local cheese, onions, and cream. Moreover, the interior is warm and welcoming. Also, the service is fast and friendly.

INSIDER INFO: This restaurant does not take bookings so you may have to queue. Visit during the summer when the weather is fine and choose a table on the terrace. You’ll then have an amazing view of the cathedral!

6. Brasserie Historique

BEST FOR: Alsatian dining in a restaurant with an elegant mix of modern and traditional design

PRICE RANGE: Medium/High

INFO: This is the other restaurant in Colmar’s five-star hotel Maison des Têtes. It is a bit more casual than Girardin, though. Also, it has an a la carte menu with tasty, traditional Alsatian food. Finally, the decor is a beautiful mix of old-fashioned and modern design. Therefore, it is the ideal restaurant for a high-end, Alsatian dinner.

INSIDER INFO: This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, there are options that are not Alsatian, such as fish risotto. Therefore, it is perfect if you want a break from choucroute and tarte flambee!

7. Le Quai 21

BEST FOR: Interesting contemporary cuisine in a beautiful, old property in Little Venice


INFO: This is another Colmar restaurant with a recommendation in the Michelin guide. It prepares delicious local ingredients in interesting, modern ways. For example, you can try a satay rack of pork. Additionally, the restaurant has a great location in Petite Venise with an outdoor terrace.

INSIDER INFO: Try the ‘Menu Quai 21’ to taste lots of delicious dishes at a reasonable price. Otherwise, look out for the restaurant’s lunch deals which are very affordable!

8. Bord’eau

BEST FOR: Fine dining that mixes Alsatian and Asian cuisines in a cool, modern restaurant above the River Lauch


INFO: As its name suggests, this fine dining restaurant overlooks the River Lauch in Petite Venise. Its head chef has two Michelin stars. Therefore, you can bet the food is unbelievably good! Also, Bord’eau’s menu blends Alsatian and Asian ingredients and methods. This makes for unusual, delicious dishes. The decor is cool and modern. Also, there is a terrace with great views of the Lauch in summer. 

INSIDER INFO: Despite the high quality of Bord’eau’s ingredients, there are reasonable deals if you order a starter, main, and dessert!

9. Aux Armes de Colmar

BEST FOR: Delicious, reasonable twists on classic Alsatian dishes


INFO: Aux Armes de Colmar has a warm, friendly interior and a terrace in the center of Colmar. There is a small menu of Alsatian dishes. These are all delicious and have reasonable prices. Therefore, it is another great, cheap Alsatian option not far from Colmar’s town hall.

INSIDER INFO: Try the cassolette de Munster or the special ‘Choucroute Royal’!

10. La Maison Rouge

BEST FOR: Sophisticated French cuisine in a chic, traditional setting


INFO: This is another Colmar restaurant with an entry in the Michelin guide. It serves high-end, traditional French dishes. These use local, seasonal produce and are excellent. The head chef spent time studying and working at some of the best restaurants in Paris so he knows what he is doing! La Maison Rouge is in a gorgeous building from the eleventh century. Additionally, the decor inside is old-fashioned but very stylish. Finally, they have a kids’ menu. Therefore, it’s ideal for a special family meal!

INSIDER INFO: The veal shank is cooked for 72 hours and is therefore unmissable! Otherwise, the trout or scallops are delicious options if you want seafood.

Additional tips

Which are the best romantic restaurants in Colmar?

Girardin is probably the best place to go if you want an unforgettable meal with your loved one. However, it is expensive so you might want to save it for a special occasion. Otherwise, choose Wistub Brenner for delicious Alsatian food and a friendly atmosphere. This would be perfect for a cozy, romantic meal after visiting Colmar’s Christmas market!

What are the best restaurants with a terrace in Colmar?

Many restaurants in Colmar have lively, spacious terraces. However, for a special view in good weather, choose Le Bistrot des Copains or Bord’eau. The first has an amazing place in front of Colmar’s Cathedral! The second has a terrace over the River Lauch! Therefore, they’re the perfect places for a warm, sunny day.

What are the best French restaurants in Colmar?

Obviously, lots of the restaurants in Colmar serve mainly Alsatian cuisine. This includes plenty of favorite French dishes. However, many bistros, brasseries, and winstubs will serve classic French food too! Therefore, you won’t have to look far if you are in the mood for something like escargot, foie gras, or delicious local meat. If so, we would recommend Wistub Brenner, Brasserie des Tanneurs, or La Maison Rouge.


Final thoughts

Colmar has a decent amount of good restaurants but those get booked out quickly. So plan your trip well in advance and book your top 1-2 restaurants around 3-4 weeks before you go to make sure you get a table.

Also make sure to try some of the local food, check my list of those must-try items in this Guide.

I hope you will enjoy the trip to Colmar and I would love to hear about your experience!


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