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Best restaurants in Riquewihr

Riquewihr – 10 Best Restaurants

Are you going to Riquewihr in France and would like to know about its best restaurants?

Alsace is one of my favourite regions in France, also because of how great its food is!

From restaurants you just can’t miss to those smaller places only locals know about, this list has it all!


What you need to know before you go

Riquewihr is one of France’s prettiest villages and luckily for all of us, it has some amazing restaurants too. It is worth visiting on a day trip but also using it as a base to explore the rest of Alsace. And what is great, is that it has vineyards all around its walls, the wine tasting is amazing. Therefore, it’s great to stop by in September or October as the grapes are being harvested. Otherwise, Riquewihr’s Christmas market in December is unmissable because it is so pretty, warm, and full of gifts and treats.


What should you order in a restaurant in Riquewihr?

Similarly, as in Strasbourg, there are many typical Alsatian dishes to choose from while dining at restaurants in Riquewihr.

That said, a few are truly unmissable. Firstly, you have to try ‘choucroute’, maybe at a classic Alsation ‘winstub’. This has sauerkraut cooked in fat as well as traditional sausages – delicious!

As for salty snacks, don’t miss ‘flammekueche’/‘tarte flambée’, a type of Alsatian pizza, or a fresh pretzel.

However, there are also treats for those with a sweet tooth! If this is you, make sure you get some of the sweet brioche ‘kugelhopf’ or some Alsatian gingerbread.


Riquewihr 10 Best Restaurants

Au Trotthus

This Riquewihr restaurant in a sixteenth-century house in Riquewihr will surprise and amaze you. For, it serves Japanese food that is so delicious that it has an entry in the Michelin Guide. Therefore, it gives you an unmissable experience. However, expect to pay quite a bit for one of the restaurant’s tasting menus. Also, booking in advance is essential.

La Table du Gourmet

La Table du Gourmet has one star in the Michelin Guide. Therefore, you can expect an unforgettable meal in this sixteenth-century, half-timbered house. The menu shares the best that Alsatian food and wine has to give. The chef uses amazing, seasonal ingredients from a garden close to the restaurant. Finally, there are a range of incredible tasting menus to choose from. A definite must-do restaurant while in Riquewihr!

La Grappe d’Or

This is another restaurant in Riquewihr to appear in the Michelin Guide. It serves traditional Alsatian dishes such as choucroute. Moreover, it has a warm, charming atmosphere. Outside, there are flowers; inside, antiques decorate the walls. Finally, this all comes at a reasonable price!

Le Tire Bouchon

Le Tire Bouchon is a classic, atmospheric ‘winstub’. Therefore, you can expect delicious Alsatian dishes for a low price. Don’t miss trying a ‘tarte flambée’ here! Overall, Le Tire Bouchon is a perfect restaurant for a casual lunch or dinner.

Au Dolder

As the name suggests, this restaurant is just next to the Dolder Tower. Therefore, the terrace has an unbeatable view in the summertime! Inside, expect Alsatian dishes and brasserie classics. Furthermore, Au Dolder serves Riquewihrienne sauerkraut – don’t miss the chance to try this delicacy!

La Grenouille

The restaurant La Grenouille has a great location in Riquewihr on Rue de la Couronne. It serves French and Alsatian classics in a casual setting. Moreover, its dishes are at a reasonable price. An ideal place to try spaetzle or one of many different kinds of ‘tartes flambées’!

La Dime

La Dime is right next to the Thieves’ Tower. Therefore, it is a great spot for a relaxed lunch during a day of sightseeing. Choose from cheap French and Alsatian dishes. Moreover, they have a decent wine selection and good coffee!

Final tips

Riquewihr may be relatively small but it has quite a few very good restaurants. That said, those good ones we have listed in this Guide get booked out quickly. So plan your trip well in advance and book your top 1-2 restaurants around 3-4 weeks before you go to make sure you get a table.

Also make sure to try some of the local food, check my list of those must-try items in this Guide.

I hope you will enjoy the trip and I would love to hear about your experience!


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